Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alex and I

Dana and mommy are at derby right now. So me and alex have been having a fun time together. We ate marshmallows played with playdoh, played ball and  played outside. He is so much more well behaved when it's just me and him.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

First time out by myself

So quiet

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Father's day lunch on the water

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


I made a bench for bob's shed so I have somewhere to put my tackle. Or whatever bob wants to do with it I guess. ..
It came from the wood that my neighbor was going to throw out. Perfectly good pressure treated wood , save a few nails sticking out.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free wood

Caught the neighbor trying to get rid of perfectly good wood. So I took out some nails and use the boards to make a plant latter. Its pressure treated too!
Plus I have a ton more behind the shed for whatever else I want to do.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What the

I kept thinking that there was some weird noise coming from behind the couch. I even thought there was a mouse or something. But when I decided to start getting ready for bed I spotted my son asleep in his doorway.
The item in his hand is the remote control for his RC truck. Upon investigation I found the truck, sure enough, behind the couch.  He must have been at it for 45 minutes or so.

If I give my fathers words any weight, things like this are a mere taste of the horrors to come.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Boat Weekend

We had quite a fun day.  We went camping last weekend, which was awesome, but Alex was very sad because I had promised him boat time all last week that would take place that weekend.  Although he was fine once we got going he still has asked since that go on the boat.  
Every morning the first words out of his mouth are "Papa?  Socks?  Boat"?  So he was excited that we were going over there.  Plus I brought the lawn mower, screw-gun, shims, and weed eater to do some yard work and fix the Barley's fence.  We all got sunburnt again, of course.  And Kim and I got some alone time on the boat.  
Nothing was really biting today, which is odd because normally with a fat night-crawler on the hook it doesn't sit in the water but for 15 seconds before one would get a bite.  Bob caught a large pike, though.

We had enough time to play out in the yard as well.  Then Bob and Peggy invited us to stay for dinner, so that was nice.

They pretended they were on a boat.  Ironic that they had just got off of a real one.

Each one of us lost a hook to a tree today :(

It was a really nice day.  Summer really is the best.

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All day with my wife bob and socks

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All day ...

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping at Kiptopeke State Park

We all went camping last weekend to Kiptopeke State Park at the South end of the peninsula of Virginia.  This is the first time the kids had been camping, although Kim and I had been there before.  They had so much fun!
We packed up Saturday morning and headed down there with a truckload of stuff.  After gassing up and stopping at Wal-Mart for goods, we left.  The park is beautiful, as you will note in the pictures.

When we got there Dana and Alex helped set up our 8 man tent.  It is a really nice tent with a lot of room, including a separation sheet to divide the inside into rooms!

Alex wanted to play instead and almost lost many of the stakes.

No shoes were allowed in the tent

This is a view looking into the opening under the canopy.  Behind the tent we have a fire pit with a grill, 2 picnic tables, and I tied up a close line for drying garments 

All they wanted to do was run around inside

Kim will be mad I posted this but she was supposed to help write the article, so we are even.

We set up Alex's pack-and-play for him and a nice blow-up bed for Dana, on the kids side/room.  For our side we had a Queen size blow-up bed and all of the stuff, such as camping gear and bags

Pictures with Daddy

As we walked to the beach through the camping spot lanes, woods, and boardwalks, we came out to a really cool site with retired Navy ships in the distance like the edges of some video game; it really is weird 

More boardwalk

You can see the Navy ships here

You can also see the Bay bridge-tunnel in the distance, as it is 2 miles from that landmark

Day one was cloudy, but warm and empty, so fun

We got to work straightway playing in the sand and beach after the tent was up, fire  wood secured, and unpacked

more ships

Dana loves the water

We were out for a while, but it got pretty cold with no sun out

Alex was shivering

We made a fire with wood and charcoal.  I brought my cast-iron skillet, like usual.  That night we dined on fine hotdogs with a 2012 bottle of fine water, and finished dinner with a large amount of gooey s'mores.  

The kids helped gather tinder for starting up the fure

Both kids were fascinated with helping.  They thought it was so cool to be able to cook their own food over a hot fire in the woods at night.

We did have buns and condiments too.  I have a nice large cooler in which we normally bring 17 tons of ice.

Alex got a little close at times, and wanted to throw things in.

Dana actually ate a hot-dog.  If you know her, you will know that this is abnormal as she does not eat much, and what she does eat, it is flavor-less foods.  Definitely not hotdogs.  The only explanation is that she got to cook it herself!  Plus all that playtime in the water probably stimulated quite an apatite.  

Dana wrapped up in the cold evening by the fire after dinner

Kim had purchased glow-in-the-dark bubbles which were fun, as well as glow sticks to play with.  

The kids slept well, although they played for like 2 hours after bedtime in the tent and their beds while we pretended not to notice.  No one cried, or complained, or said they wanted to go home!  They were awesome little campers and Dana immediately asked to do this again!

Breakfast: bacon and grilled bagels!


After breakfast, we went right to playtime at the HOT beach.  I got sun-burnt but the kids, who were loaded up with sunscreen, were OK.  

They had so much fun!

They played in the waves quite a bit

...together  :)

There was this crazy cool spot where there was a pool of water in between the shore and where the waves stopped due to the low tides.  Small fish were everywhere trapped in it!  The kids enjoyed that 

We got back, cleaned up, and bolted.  The second we hit the road, both of them passed out in the back of my truck (in the cabin).  All in all, we had so much fun.  Both of them want to go back!  I am glad we did that instead of what I proposed to do, and that was make Kim watch the kids while I went out on the boat, haha.